If you have just received or bought a new computer you may be interested in our available computer lessons and classes designed just for beginners.

At Computer Division we have compiled lessons based on our knowledge and experience of 20 yr to help meet their needs and requirements.

So what are we been doing, well

We are starting small group classes on a Sunday for novice users to come along and meet other people and begin share in the fun of learning. At these classes you can bring your Laptop or hire the use of a laptop with basic software to get you started.

At the classes we will be covering different areas each week and at the end of each class a Q and A time for anything anyone is unsure of.

We also have direct private one to one classes through the week, for those people who would prefer direct, no interruption, tuition. Ideal if you want to get up to speed quick..

After you start one of our classes or private tuition lessons you will have additional access to all our information and tools to help you understand and go over all we have covered.

Videos , Knowledge base, forum , chat-room, labs  classroom worksheets, email are all made available to help you get their fast.

So if you are worried it will be all to much to take in at one time, Don’t, you will have access to all the stuff to help you.

We are very patient with our customers and appreciate that everyone learns at a different pace. There is no need to worry about asking questions no matter how silly you think they may be. The only silly question is an un-asked one.

If you feel that you could benefit from personal tuition or class have a look at our open day events and just pop along for a taster.

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