How do I purchase Classes ?

If you are looking for any particular class you can quickly click over to our shop section, where you can find all available classes and prices.

What Payment methods do you have ?

You can purchase classes via pay Pal, credit or debit card. If you prefer you can phone us direct and make paymenty over the phone.

How do i book my tuition classes ?

At the moment you can phone us and we will supply you with a date that suits you best from or available date.

When Do i get access to tuition resources?

Tuition material is made available after you have come to your class. During that period an account will be created for you to log-in and access all your material.

How long do classes or private tuition last?

We have a set path for the courses and once completed you are deemed finished, classes or private tuition  take roughly 1 – 1.5 hours to complete.

If you have any questions to add to out FAQ please email



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