Email settings for IPad

Tap the Settings icon, then scroll down and press Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Step 2

Press Add Account.

Add Account

Step 3

Select Other.


Step 4

Press Add Mail Account.

Add Mail Account

Step 5

Enter the following information and press Next:

  • Name: Enter your name. People will see this when you send them an email from your device.
  • Email: Enter the full email address you are setting up. For example,
  • Password: Enter your mailbox password.
  • Description: Enter an optional description to help you identify this mailbox.

Name, Email, Password, and Description

Step 6

Select the IMAP tab.


Step 7

You will be prompted to enter some additional information. Enter the following information in the Incoming Mail Server box.

  • Host Name:, replacing with your actual domain name.
  • Username: Enter your email address, e.g
  • Password: Enter the password you chose when you set up the mailbox.

Incoming Mail Server

Step 8

In the Outgoing Mail Server box, enter the SMTP server details supplied by your service provider, and press Next.

Step 9

Your device will display a message that it cannot connect using SSL, and will ask if you wish to set up the account without using the SSL. Tap the Yes button.

SSL Warning

If this fails you will be prompted again, click on yes.

Step 10

Press the Save button at the top right of the screen to save your new account.

Your phone will now attempt to connect to your mail server. This can take a couple of minutes to complete.

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