Creating a new User Account/Profile in MS Windows 7

1. Open up an Administrator account. Like earlier versions of Windows, you’re going to need to be an Administrator in order to do, well, pretty much anything involving the user accounts. You’ll also need to have a password set up on your Administrator account, but if you don’t have one set up yet, don’t worry, you’ll be prompted to add in a password at some point in the process. Once you’ve got a Windows 7 administrator account open, get to the Control Panel by clicking Start and then the Control Panel icon.

2. Under User Accounts, select Add or Remove User Accounts. Select Create a New Account. This will launch a wizard that takes you through the process of making a new user profile for the Windows 7 computer. Again, if you’re not running an Administrator account, you won’t get much farther.

3. Type in a name for the new user account. You can also select the rights to give to the profile. Your choices are either “Standard” or “Administrator” rights. Once you get the account set up, you can alter the individual rights if the computer’s a standard user, so don’t worry about the somewhat general approach that Windows 7 takes in this area.

4. The account will be created. Windows 7 will take you back to the account/profile management screen. To edit the user’s password, set up rights, or change other things about a certain account, all you’ll have to do is select the one you want to change and follow the on screen instructions to make the changes.

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