Creating rules in outlook 2010

Open Outlook 2010.
2. Go to File Info and then click on the Manage Rules & Alerts button. MSO10_Rule_1
3. Click on New Rule. MSO10_Rule_2
4. Click on Apply rule on messages I receive and then click on Next. MSO10_Rule_3
5. Check the box with specific words in the subject and then click on specific words in the Step 2 box. MSO10_Rule_4
6. Enter the desired text in the Specify words or phrases to search for in the subject field and then click on Add. When you are satisfied with your text, click on OK. MSO10_Rule_5
7. Click on Next.
8. Check the box Move it to the specified folder and then click on specified in the Step 2 box. MSO10_Rule_6
9. Select the folder you wish to send the emails to and then click on OK.  MSO10_Rule_7
10. If you wish to add an exception, click on Next and select the exception. If not, click on Finish.
11. Click on Apply.
12. Click on OK.

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